We announce a change in leadership as Marco Romero stepped down as Chairman of the Board of Directors. Marco has served as our Board Chair for 5 years with heartfelt passion for our mandate, finesse in his leadership and his business acumen, securing major funding for our innovative projects during his tenure. Marco will be focusing more at this time on his thriving businesses and his young family, and we are truly grateful that Marco’s Spanish flair and creative ideas have enriched our work and planning for InnerChange!

Introducing our new Chair: Dr. Michael Krausz

Dr. Krausz was a founding director of the Centre of Interdisciplinary Addiction Research at the University of Hamburg. He is a founding member of the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) and is currently serving on the boards of the Section of Addiction and the Section of Public Policy for the World Psychiatric Association. He is a professor of psychiatry at UBC as well as the LEEF Chair in Addiction Research at the Institute of Mental Health at UBC.