Gratitude and Generosity

So much of our dialogue on addictions is deficit-focused.  Today I want to emphasize gratitude.  We've all heard that demonstrating gratitude isn’t just a social nicety- it actually does good things for the physiological and emotional health of the person expressing it.  The same is true of generosity- a recent study found that acts of [...]

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Wanting the best for our youth

Whether or not we have children of our own, we all have a vested interest in the next generation.  If nothing else, who doesn’t want someone capable running our society when we’re in our 90s and may have less energy to contribute the way we once did?  In short- we all have good reasons for [...]

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What British Columbians Really Think

Our Board, staff and advisors all appreciate how important -and difficult- it is to talk about addictions. It is important because it impacts so many of us, directly, or indirectly. And it is difficult because there are many opinions on the topic.  Elected officials must consider these opinions when making crucial decisions. We are in [...]

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Engaging with the fentanyl crisis

Why more of us need to engage with the fentanyl crisis- and how we can. Harms from fentanyl in our province continue to mount.  This is a frightening problem.  It doesn't just harm those with heroin and other opioid addictions.  It also impacts casual users of marijuana, cocaine, and other substances, who may buy [...]

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How Prescription Heroin Helps Our Healthcare System

Late last week Health Canada quietly removed a federal prohibition on prescription heroin. This means hospitals and hospital outreach facilities can once again legally prescribe heroin.  Of course, this can only happen, under controlled settings and with special federal permission, for people in chronic pain and for people with chronic illnesses.  And prescription heroin is [...]

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What Should Keep British Columbians Up at Night

What keeps you up at night?  For me, it’s the discomfort of neglecting something important but complicated.  When sleep won’t turn off the thought, I write it down, and place it somewhere prominent.  Perhaps it’s a post-it note on the bathroom mirror facing me when I brush my teeth the next morning.  It reminds me [...]

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How InnerChange Could Help You Get a Rose

Very few people are willing to admit they have ever watched the TV franchise The Bachelor / Bachelorette, but it remains one of the most popular shows on cable.  The premise is that one person (male or female, depending on the show), is surrounded by a pool of eligible romantic partners whom they try to [...]

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Addictions and Systems Change – Part 1

Recently  the InnerChange Foundation posted its core beliefs (click here).  Among these is the belief that British Columbia and Canada need access to more and newer addiction treatment and prevention strategies. And, related to this is a desire for addiction services to be more available and effective for a greater number of those who need [...]

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The Impact of SALOME | Video

SALOME has already been making a difference in the lives of real people with chronic heroin addictions in Vancouver's Downtown East Side (DTES). The research began in 2009 and the results are significant- not just for the DTES but for the province as a whole.

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Innovation in Action for BC Youth

Today, the InnerChange Foundation has the chance to extend its reach, by bringing even more innovative practice to reality –focused now on the youth of our province. This means that vulnerable youth facing addictions and other related health challenges will now find it easier to get quality, integrated care. An announcement by Ministers Terry Lake [...]

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