So much of our dialogue on addictions is deficit-focused.  Today I want to emphasize gratitude.  We’ve all heard that demonstrating gratitude isn’t just a social nicety- it actually does good things for the physiological and emotional health of the person expressing it.  The same is true of generosity- a recent study found that acts of generosity reduced blood pressure for those study participants with pre-existing blood pressure problems to the same extent as hypertension medications and exercise.*

In that spirit, the InnerChange Foundation (ICF) wishes to thank and acknowledge Goldcorp for its recent donation of $250,000 to our work.  Goldcorp has had a long track record of caring about vulnerable people in our community, with earlier investments through both ICF and other organizations to help people with chronic addiction issues in Vancouver’s Downtown East Side, and its recent donations to fund addictions research.  This generous donation will help ICF in its efforts to support the   Foundry BC Program  and provide some assistance for our own operations.  Our efforts to date with the Foundry BC Program have been motivated by a desire to prevent a path of untreated chronic addiction and mental illness for the youth of our province.  By helping youth obtain accessible, relevant help for a wide range of challenges through an integrated approach, we believe this early intervention will pay large dividends over the medium and long terms.

At this time we would also like to acknowledge support from other quarters, including Pacific Coastal Airlines, which has donated travel within BC to help with our operations, and the Langley Lions.  We have also had many individual donors whose generosity continues to amaze us.

As always, any support that you are able to provide for our work is much appreciated.  Giving is easy through our  online link

*Whillans, A. et al (2015). Prosocial Spending & Health. Health Psychology. 2015