We provide leadership, funding and advocacy to drive innovation and change with the goal to improve the health outcomes for British Columbians suffering from addictions and related mental health challenges. We are an organization led by private sector leaders working with colleagues in the public sector to find lasting solutions for these complex issues.

BC Integrated Youth Services Initiative (BC-IYSI)

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Our Commitment: $1.5 million

The Challenge

Limited and fragmented access to primary care, mental health and addiction services, and social services for youth and young adults (YYA) across BC.

The Solution

BC Integrated Youth Services Initiative (BC-IYSI) is a network of integrated health services to meet the needs of our youth and young adults. BC-IYSI seeks to improve access to mental health, substance use and primary care for youth and young adults (YYA) across BC. The BC-IYSI will support communities to establish province-wide, youth-friendly, integrated, health and social service storefronts. Provincial online and phone line resources will also be established to strengthen a network of care for young British Columbians and their families.

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Succesfully Completed

The SALOME clinical trial concluded successfully, confirming the hypothesis, which suggests that injectable hydromorphone is a suitable alternative to injectable diacetylmorphine for long-term treatment. This is particularly relevant in areas where diacetylmorphine is currently not available or in patients where it is contraindicated or unsuccessful.

Our Investment: $998,077

The Challenge

Some individuals with chronic heroin addiction don’t benefit sufficiently from current known treatments.

The Solution

The Study to Assess Long-term Opioid Medication Effectiveness (SALOME) was a clinical trial that tested alternative treatments for those who are not benefitting sufficiently from current known treatments. SALOME compared two similar medications – diacetylmorphine, the active ingredient of heroin, and hydromorphone (HDM). This study also tested if those effectively treated with these two injectable medications could be successfully switched and retained on the oral formulations of the medications. Throughout the treatment period, an interdisciplinary team of physicians, nurses, social workers and counsellors were available to help participants achieve stability in their life, seek employment and find suitable housing.

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