To live our core beliefs (click here to read), the InnerChange Foundation helps bring promising approaches for treating and preventing addiction to life, so they help real people.  As part of this process, we aim to raise addiction awareness.  And we make sure key decision makers know about what works and what will help.  We also collaborate with other groups who want the same thing.

Recent Advocacy Work

National Day of Action to Address Drug Overdose Deaths

On August 31, 2016, the Canadian Drug Policy Coalition (CDPC) launched a national day of action to increase addiction awareness and, most critically, to address the overdose epidemic in British Columbia and across Canada.  And the CDPC publicized its five point plan (to read it click here ).

InnerChange added its voice to the chorus calling on more action.  We know that our elected officials understand the urgency of this situation.  We also think it’s important that they understand how much people will support them if they respond with  a comprehensive, well-resourced approach.  To read a copy of our letter to these officials, click the buttons below:

Aug 2016 Letter to BC Minister of Health