In July 2020, the InnerChange Foundation coordinated a survey to gather opinions from British Columbians about awareness and perceptions about substance use, prevention, and programs targeted for youth. The survey was conducted on a panel generated through random sampling, separated into three age groups: 1) 12-17 years; 2) 18-24 years; 3) 25 years and over. A total of 659 individuals participated.

Key Findings
• 29% of young adults said a peer aged 18-24 had experienced a drug overdose.
• 38% of adults 25+ know someone personally who has had an overdose.
• 58% of British Columbians feel the public health response to the drug overdose crisis in B.C. has been somewhat insufficient or not sufficient at all.
• 74% of young adults and 83% aged 25+ agree that the provincial government should in-crease spending on making prevention of high-risk substance use and overdose a higher priority.
• 90% support implementing mental health and substance use prevention programs into the high school curriculum.

The InnerChange Foundation appreciates that making difficult policy decisions requires a range of facts and opinions. We hope the results of this survey, obtained through the generous work of Mustel Group, will provide further incentive to our officials for exploring new solutions. We also hope that these results can provide the catalyst for increased funding, to ensure that British Columbians in need receive the  help they deserve. Mental health, substance use, and overdose are not fringe issues –  they harm British Columbians from all walks of life. We can and we must do more.

The Full Report can be found here: InnerChange Poll Report_FINAL PUBLICATION