Our Board, staff and advisors all appreciate how important -and difficult- it is to talk about addictions. It is important because it impacts so many of us, directly, or indirectly. And it is difficult because there are many opinions on the topic.  Elected officials must consider these opinions when making crucial decisions.

We are in the middle of an  overdose epidemic, linked to fentanyl and other harmful substances.  Stopping fentanyl is essential.  But it still won’t get at the root cause.  We need even more new thinking and action on addictions. We believe that our elected officials are all trying their best. We also believe they can make better decisions by knowing what British Columbians think about the topic.

In late November, we partnered with the Mustel Group, which graciously provided us with a recent survey on these important matters.  Today the Globe and Mail published highlights of this survey.  And so  we are now sharing survey results with you. We are also working to ensure that key elected officials at provincial and national levels see these results.  You’ll find the article here.  And our report on the survey, including full responses, is available here.